About Me

I suppose I’m in what you might call an enviable position, where I get to do something for a living that is also one of my passions in life, given that make-up and the technical intricacies of the skin have always been of huge interest to me. I originally qualified as a skin care therapist 25 years ago and after teaching for many skin care brands it seemed like the next progression of my career further was by training as a Permanent Make-up Technician. I decided to train with Finishing Touches Group UK as their training was the most intensive and thorough that is available. Since then I’ve gone on to complete various master-classes with several top names within the permanent make-up world such as Dawn Cragg MBE, Natalyia Yeremenko, Claire Hobson, Rusen Donmez and Vicky Martin. All stellar names in our industry. With this training done I have been able to establish a unique brand of tattooing procedure in that I output a ‘Hair Stroke’ brow design that is not widely available. This gives the brows a far more natural look than the block type brows practiced elsewhere. I have also added to my ever growing qualifications Phibrows, this is a form of Microblading using the finest blades available for the ultimate in natural Hairstrokes. Following a huge demand on natural skin boosters, I decided to introduce the revolutionary Profhilo procedure. This is all about pushing hyaluronic acid into the skin with 5 small injections each side of the face. A quick procedure for those wishing to avoid dermal fillers. The results speak for themselves, smoother, firmer, hydrated skin.

My qualifications are not only in Permanent makeup procedures for brows, eyeliner and lips but also for scalp, 3D areola tattooing, dry skin needling MCA for scar relaxation and tattoo removal. Part of my work is also that I attend The Mater Private hospital for breast reconstruction events twice yearly and am recommended by several plastic surgeons to complete the areola tattooing after breast reconstruction. One of the greatest senses of satisfaction and achievement is helping these ladies to be imbued with renewed confidence.