The areola is part of the human breast. It is a circular area of skin around the nipple that is often darker and thicker than the surrounding skin. The areola plays a role in the aesthetic look of a breast. Areola tattooing provides the ‘finishing touch’ after breast surgery. Our permanent 3D areola re-pigmentation technique employs cosmetically tattooed micro pigmentation as a way to restore the natural beauty of your own breasts so you can regain confidence in your own femininity.

At The Brow studio in Malahide and Ratoath I offer all cosmetic tattooing however I specialise in 3D Areola tattooing. I find this area of micro pigmentation the most rewarding. I have trained with Vicky Martin, Dawn Cragg MBE and others to ensure the highest level of knowledge.

I regularly attend open evenings on Breast Reconstruction at the Mater Hospital and have two plastic surgeons that refer patients to me for areola tattooing.


How long must I wait after surgery?

Areola tattooing can be performed after any type of breast reconstruction or after a nipple reconstruction. You must wait 6 months after your surgery and have your surgeons consent.

Do I have to have a nipple reconstruction?

If you opt not to have a nipple reconstruction, we can give the illusion of a nipple protruding through shading techniques.

I have a lot of scarring can you help with this?

Yes im qualified in various forms of skin needling. I find MCA dry skin needling most beneficial to relax the scar, this can be performed at the same time as your areola tattooing, it may require several sessions.

How long will the procedure take?

A unilateral procedure normally takes 90 min and a bilateral I allow up to 3 hours.

Can I choose my own pigment colour?

We can make the Areola as dark or as light as you would prefer, however it is important to note the initial shade will appear darker than the final result.

What do you use to tattoo with?

I work with World famous pigment brand and LI pigments. These are made up of iron oxides which is a natural ingredient. Pigments gradually fade over time so a boost of colour may be required every few years.

How many sessions will it take?

It normally takes 2 procedures however every client is different, depending on the amount of scar tissue that is in the area.

Can I decide the size?

Yes the client gets to see the drawing and the measuring of the areola and nipple, they are fully involved in the decisions regarding shape, size and colour.

What is the aftercare?

You will be required to use a cream for a week after the procedure and keep the area dry for two weeks. Full aftercare is given on the day.

Will it hurt?

Most clients do not feel anything, however if you can feel any discomfort a numbing gel will be applied.

Where is the clinic?

I have a clinic in Malahide and in Ratoath, both are strictly by appointment only.