Phibrows Are At The Brow Studio!!!

I’m delighted to have launched Phibrows several months ago…. after years of tattooing hair strokes for clients I am now using the finest of blades to create Phibrows. See my gallery under Phibrows section. They 3D hairstroke with the machine are of course still available, however some clients who are nervous of the word ‘tattoo’ can now get the microblading done instead. I’m running a special offer in April for €240 and then €80 top up!

Meso Vytal Skin Needling

There is a big craze on skin needling right now. There are a few variations, some use a derma roller which contain titanium needles, the face is rolled over to induce blood spotting, this in turns stimulates your skin to repair and heal itself, therefore producing more new collagen fibres and getting rid of the old collagen. It can be quite uncomfortable to have this procedure therefore your skin is number for 30-45 mins prior to commencing the procedure. You are really quite red after and there is a few days of downtime especially for fine, fair Irish skins. I have not found the results of this procedure to be worth the downtime. It is a 90 min procedure and half of it lying waiting for your face to go numb. I decided to stop offering the Derma roller, instead I went on to offer the Meso vytal in 2012. It is a 30-40 min treatment. No numbing is required. We first Cleanse and use a 10% glycolic peel to remove the top layers of dead skin cells, then Using my permanent make up machine with plastic needles, these pierce the skin and allow the collagen ampoules to get deep into the skin, unlike any other facial treatment. The results speak for themselves, reducing fine lines and wrinkles dramatically, rehydrating and tightening the skin. You may be a little pink after the procedure but that will go down by the following day. I highly recommend a course of four, one a week for four weeks! Check out Meso vytal on the website

Million Dollar Facial

A luxurious facial where science meets indulgence. Working your skin from the outside in, this treatment has been designed to deeply exfoliate dead skin cells and remove non terminal hair, polish the skin, flush toxins, increase and stimulate our natural collagen and cell turnover. This method will heavily increase the absorption of any active ingredients by 80% as opposed to 8%, this is why we use a hyaluronic acid mask for maximum results. It is the epitome of luxury with MILLION DOLLAR results. Who does this Facial target? Fine lines and wrinkles, puffiness, dull, tired skin, rosacea, acne breakouts, pigmentation, removal of peach fuzz, acne scarring. The facial takes 60 minutes. They are available in Malahide and Ratoath clinic.


Hello All

LANOLIN……this is from seeps sebum. Think of how a lambs wool jumper can irritate your neck. It is very allergenic to our skin. It is used for its moisturizing effects. It is found in a lot of cheap moisturisers that our mothers swear by, however it smells so bad artificial fragrance has to be added to disguise the smell. Lanolin causes the under the surface soft congestion. A lot of people will have allergic reactions to this ingredient.

SD alcohol…..specially denatured alcohol! has been treated to make it unfit for human consumption, if you drink it, it will rot your gut yet you can put it on your skin?!

Has anyone used a toner that stings your skin? If so stop using it! This ingredient strips your acid mantle….when you strip your protective barrier you make it more alkaline, this is the environment bacteria love and you can get more spots. The sad alcohol dries out the skin so much it overcompensates and produces more oil, it’s a visious circle…