November 14, 2013 Julia Rycroft

Hello All

LANOLIN……this is from seeps sebum. Think of how a lambs wool jumper can irritate your neck. It is very allergenic to our skin. It is used for its moisturizing effects. It is found in a lot of cheap moisturisers that our mothers swear by, however it smells so bad artificial fragrance has to be added to disguise the smell. Lanolin causes the under the surface soft congestion. A lot of people will have allergic reactions to this ingredient.

SD alcohol…..specially denatured alcohol! has been treated to make it unfit for human consumption, if you drink it, it will rot your gut yet you can put it on your skin?!

Has anyone used a toner that stings your skin? If so stop using it! This ingredient strips your acid mantle….when you strip your protective barrier you make it more alkaline, this is the environment bacteria love and you can get more spots. The sad alcohol dries out the skin so much it overcompensates and produces more oil, it’s a visious circle…