What is LI-FT exactly?

Li-FT Saline Lightening solution is a non chemical, non acid, high salt based, fruit seed extract saline tattoo lightening product that is so effective it can lighten a tattoo or permanent make up procedure to the point its no longer visible. LI pigments chose very particular types of natural, clean salts in combination with each other in extremely specific percentages to achieve ultimate lightening and results.These special salts are then ground down to an exceptionally fine powder eliminating any grit and allowing quick and easy implantation and absorption.

LI-FT saline solution is delivered into the skin in the same way we implant pigment to do a permanent make up procedure. We use our tattoo machines, dip our tattoo needle into the LI-FT solution and then tattoo it into the area of unwanted pigment or tattoo.

The healing process is about 7-10 days. Multiple treatments may be required depending on the amount of pigment in the skin. The treatments must be spaced out at least 8 weeks inbetween due to the skin healing underneath. No guarantees can be given to remove every part of the old pigment. LI-FT procedures cost around 80-100 euro per session. A numbing agent is also used during the procedure. The client is required to purchase pure vitamin E oil ready for application as the skin is healing.